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About Us

Company Timeline:

  • 2001: Establishment as a fishing rod workshop with expertise from a former Gloomis engineer.
  • 2007: CNC workshop acquisition.
  • 2009: Expansion into plastic injection, aiding global brand collaborations.
  • 2013: Launch of Aventiksports Division, emphasizing quality, innovation, and the spirit of angling exploration.

Refined Narrative:
In 2001, we started from a tiny fishing rod workshop with the support of a former Gloomis rod engineer. Our rods shine for action and
craftsmanship. In 2007, we acquired a CNC workshop. In 2009, plastic injection. We have been helping many global brands for customized production.
2013 marked a pivotal moment in our history with the birth of the Aventiksports Division. Aventiksports has since forged a significant presence for both fly fishing anglers and conventional anglers worldwide. Aventiksports always stands for quality, innovation, and the unwavering spirit of exploration that drives every angler to the water.

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