Aventik Aluminum Fly Fishing Box Slit Foam Jigs Lures Boxes With 24pc Assortment Terrestrials Flies Collection

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Aventik State of Art Classic Fly Boxes, made of high quality marine grade aluminum. Special anodized beautiful finishes, lightweight and corrustion resistant. Best designed two sizes 6.1x3.7x1.1inch (15.5x9.5x2.7cm); 3.5x2.3x1inch (9.2x6.5x2.3cm), fit for all pockets of a fly vest or any fishing bag. Great for both fly fishing flies and Ice fishing jigs.
12 the most effective Terrestrials Assortment Collection.This collection includes 2 of each of the following flies plus a fly box. Amy's Ant - Olive #10, Dave's Foam Hopper #10, Parachute Hopper Olive #14 Red Legged Hopper #12, Half-Drowned Hopper #10, Irresistible Hopper #14 Cricket Hopper #12, Flying Loco Beetle #14, Dave's Black Beetle #16, Flying Black Ant #14, Carpenter Ant #16,Lady Bug #16.
Hooks which are made in Japan Eupheng Plus from carbon steel. They have chemically sharpened points which makes flattening the barbs for 'catch and release' a simple task.

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Frequently Bought Together
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